Exposeum I: History, Future and Impact of Innovation and Design in Electronic Communications

The Exposeum is an expo and museum of artefacts and interactive exhibits that explore the principles of science while demonstrating past, present and future technologies and their socio-cultural impact. We ignite wonder, inspire and cultivate genius through these innovation immersions.

The Exposeum on Telecommunications is a fusion of an expo and a museum where-in the expo portion entails inter-actives and a worksheet to be completed while on tour or after the tour has concluded.
The “expo” serves also as an innovation immersion as we take our guests back to the basics of electricity and wired and wireless communication whilst highlighting the pros and cons of each form of communication,as we surf through numerous eras of artefacts we also take into consideration the advancement and variations of aesthetics of the plethora of artefacts on display that would’ve been used by persons of various social standings.

A Trip Through Time

The museum section of the exposeum is also very fascinating in it’s own right as we take a walk down memory lane,revitalising numerous enticing memories of times passed,usual occurrences generally lead to the elders being teachers of the more historic and antique artefacts and as we advance through different eras however,the younger generations  then take the baton of familiarity and become the teachers in their own right of the more recent technology and forms of communication.This form of communication has proven to be paramount in the bridging of generational gaps and being informative for all walks of life.

With the Exposeum on the rise,it has birthed a miniature version of itself which is affectionately known as “The Convergence Of Telecommunications” which depicts how the cellular phones & tablets have taken over the roles of technologies of yesteryear,such examples vary from but are not limited to calculators,typewriters,wired telephones,radios and some entertainment systems on a whole. “The Convergence Of Telecommunications” can be booked separately for functions & exhibitions of all sorts.